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Zanadu is the DiamondLight Dakini, the energy of Oneness, embodied in Love.  She invites all the Devas and all the myriad life-forms that arise on Gaia Sophia to recognize and celebrate how beauty~full they are and to realize their Cosmic Consciousness. We are birthing the New Earth and building the bridge to One Mind.  There has never in the history of the Earth been a time like this. We are now participating in what is called the biosphere-noosphere transition: When life on Earth (the biosphere) evolves into an awakened planetary mind (noosphere).

There are many ways to interact with Gaia Sophia - and at its most intimate form of interactivity, Galactic Gaian Tantra is shamanic, sensorial and sensual.  We shall explore the various ways in which we can cultivate our relationship with the planet and cosmos within the framework of energy healing, natural timing, artistic and creative expression, dance and movement, meditation and ritual, permaculture living, which embodies eco-sexuality, tribal community building and sacred plant medicine. These pathways open up the human to divine nature ~ the activation of our Christos~Sophia Blueprint.  All of Creation is held in the Light of Oneness. May all Sentient Beings of all walks of life, find their true calling and experience expansion.  All are honored on this cosmic tantric journey.  


Body of Light™

Seven Energetic Systems of the Human Light Body

Dali Pinealis

Cosmic Creation

"May the pure light universe infuse our soul's journey, that the planetary noosphere may become the crown of pure radiance!" 
~ Shakti Goddess Yakini of Union
Dali Pinealis Attunement

Dali Pinealis Energy Body System

Gold White Crown of Spirit Attunement

The eCS location for the Dali Pinealis Energy Body System is at the Pineal Gland, which is in the center of the brain, above brain stem and behind thalamus. The function of this system is to synthesize and release melatonin. Activated by sunlight, this system is the body's "receiver" for intuition. Key regulating factor in PMS irritability and mood swings.

Potential health issues include a tendency towards anxiety/depression, constipation/irregularity, hormonal imbalances, cysts and painful or irregular periods. Poor calcium utilization, fluctuating energy levels, immune system weakness, digestive distress and vascular weakness. Prone to depression and may need supplemental vitamin D if sunlight exposure is inadequate. The Pinealis Body Energy System is symbolized by a Crown of Light (Sun). Representative of the intuition, the Sun provides Light and Awareness.

The Dali Pinealis Attunement addresses your body, food and life issues as they relate to the color white (SPIRIT) and its connection to your spiritual life.    It examines your sense of purpose and meaning, your faith, cleansing, purification, life force and light.




Cosmic Synchronization

"May the highest yogic force within the planetary consciousness direct all manifestation to its fulfillment."

~ Shakti Goddess Dakini of Security

Seli Suprarenalis Attunement

Seli Suprarenalis Energy Body System

Ruby Red Root Attunement

The eCS location for Seli Suprarenalis Energy Body System is at the Adrenal glands, which are situated on top of each kidney in lower back, at level of lower ribs. The function of this system is to produce hormones (including adrenaline and cortisol) secreted under stress to prepare for "fight or flight" response. These are the strongest glands in the body.

Potential health issues in this system are an inactive immune system, anxiety and weight gain.

The Seli Suprarenalis Attunement addresses your body, food, and life issues as they relate to the color red (ROOT) and its connection to how you live in your physical world. It relates to themes of safety, survival, instinct, community, protein, and the body structures that provide strength and protection.

Gamma Pituitaria

Cosmic Insight

“May we be granted galactic vision to transform all matter into the purifying radiance of the highest dream.”

~ Shakti Goddess Devi Hakini of Insight

Gamma Pituitaria Attunement

Gamma Pituitaria Energy Body System

Diamond Indigo Insight Attunement

The eCS Body location for Gamma Pituitaria Energy Body System is at the Pituitary gland, which is in the center of forehead, 1/2 inch above eyebrows and 2-3 inches into head. The function of this system is to govern endocrine system as directed by the hypothalamus; anterior lobe secretes hormones regulation function of thyroid, gonads, and adrenal cortex (consequently, of vital importance to growth, maturation and reproduction; posterior lobe regulates kidneys through antidiuretic hormone and activates cholesterol production to increase hormone levels. This system is generally very healthy and because the body is generally strong, it holds toxins in fluid between cells rather than storing them in organs, so weight maintenance is the primary health issue.

Potential health problems also include edema (fluid retention) and asthma. Various problems relating to digestive system, including digestive disturbances and/or food allergies, bloating, gas, constipation or loose bowels as well as development of ulcers.

The Gamma Pituitaria Attunement addresses your body, food and life issues as they relate to the color indigo (INSIGHT) and its connection to wisdom in your life. It relates to the intellect/cognition, intuition, imagination, sleep, dreams and mood.

Kali Gonos

Cosmic Ascension

"May the supernatural forces gather their electroplasmic structures of spiritual evolution and realize them into the noosphere!"

~ Shakti Goddess Rakini of Sexuality

Kali Gonos Attunement

Kali Gonos Energy Body System

Sapphire Orange Flow Attunement

The eCS location for Kali Gonos Energy Body System is the reproductive system both for men and women. The function of this system is reproduction and secretion of hormones.

Potential health problems include early puberty, digestive distress, such as difficulty digesting fats, low blood sugar and food allergies. Hormonal imbalances and a tendency towards edema (water retention) and urinary tract infection. Typically healthy libido and for females, generally feel best when pregnant both physically and psychologically.

The Kali Gonos Attunement addresses your body, food and life issues as they relate to the color orange (FLOW) and its connection to how you live in your emotional world. It deals with themes of emotional expression, sexuality, creativity, playfulness, water, fats and oils, and the body structures that are creative and flowing.

Alpha Thyreoidea

Cosmic Freedom

"May the vision of the star elders of the great councils of light and wisdom speak through me so that all may ascend to sublime grace."

~ Shakti Goddess Shakini of Knowledge

Alpha Thyreoidea Attunement

Alpha Thyreoidea Energy Body System

Gold Aquamarine Truth Attunement

The eCS location for Alpha Thyreoidea Energy Body System is at the Thyroid gland, which is at the front center of throat and is a butterfly shaped gland. The function of this system is to secrete hormones that regulate metabolism particularly those that cause rapid mobilization of fats. Also controls basal metabolic rate and during childhood affects growth and is activated by anterior pituitary gland.

Potential health problems include digestive sensitivity or distress with tendency towards constipation or sluggishness. Chronic acne or facial blemishes. Prone to nervous tension, headaches and fatigue. When this system is balance, one has good stamina and endurance with strong mental acuity, sensitivity and intuition.

The Alpha Thyreoidea Attunement addresses your body food and life issues as they relate to the color aquamarine (TRUTH) and its connection to truth-telling in your life. It deals with being true to yourself, expressing yourself verbally, making choices based on core values, throat-moistening liquid foods, the thyroid gland, hearing/listening and speech.

Limi Pancreas

Cosmic Power

"May our perceptions be organized into a cosmic whole that we may all become one with the radialized order of the Primal Source!"

~ Shakti Goddess Lakini of Authority

Limi Pancreas Attunement

Limi Pancreas Energy Body System

Ruby Yellow Power Attunement

The eCS location for Limi Pancreas Energy Body System is at the Pancreas gland, which is located on the upper abdomen behind the stomach and next to the spleen and duodenum. The function of this system is to secrete enzymes that aid in digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats as well as secretes insulin, which helps to control carbohydrate (sugar) metabolism.

Potential health problems include a family history of overweight and possibly diabetes. Often has structural injuries due to weight (neck, shoulder, hip, ankle, foot pain). Tendency to eat very rapidly; often emotional eating. Problems with digestion and proper utilization of fats and certain proteins. Vascular weakness, leading to fluid retention and headaches.

The Limi Pancreas Attunement addresses your body, food and life issues as they relate to the color yellow (FIRE) and its connection to how you live in your thinking, busy world of activities. It evaluates themes of energy level, thought patterns, ambition, work/live balance, carbohydrates and digestion.

Silio Thymus

Cosmic Love

"May the abundance of the galactic power of the higher dream generate forever the compassionate heart of cosmic love!"

~ Shakti Goddess Kakini of Devotion

Silio Thymus Attunement

Silio Thymus Energy Body System

Diamond Green Love Attunement

The eCS location for Silio Thymus Energy Body System is at the Thymus gland, which is in the upper middle of chest, below thyroid gland and above heart. The function of this system is to produce lymphocytes and antibodies for immune system.

Potential health problems include emotional challenges rather than physical. Unresolved emotional distress usually manifests structurally (as opposed to internally). Common areas involved are back, shoulder, nerves and/or joints (as in arthritis). Metabolically tends to allergies, environmental and/or food related. When severely depleted, prone to autoimmune diseases. Digestive system often involved in manifesting constipation, emotional distress and feelings of depression Generally associated with finances or being idle.

The Silio Thymus Attunement addresses your body, food, and life issues as they relate to the color green (LOVE) and its connection to love in your life. It addresses self-love, compassion, devotion, green vegetables, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and circulation and oxygenation through physical activity.

"We have reached the moment when the Goddess who dreamed humanity and the earth itself into existence is starting to interact directly with the human actors in her dream."

John Lamb Lash
Author of "Not In His Image"

"Gaia, the living earth, is having a conscious dream. She is not awakening from sleep, she is waking in her sleep. Humans can interact in her lucid dream through the merge of love and the supernatural, which operate on the same frequencies. "

John Lamb Lash
Author of "Not In His Image"

"The earth is undergoing a process of conscious dreaming in which humans also can awake simultaneously, one dreamer at a time, but preferably in pairs—hence the conjugal aspect of Planetary Tantra, the merge of love and the supernatural."

John Lamb Lash
Author of "Not In His Image"

"The Gaian lucid dream is an eruption of the highest rapturous magic of the Divine Feminine into the human psyche, pouring through mind and body, all at once."

John Lamb Lash
Author of "Not In His Image"

Gallery of Offerings

Follow Your Bliss


Rev. Alana Sills, D.D., D.M.

At a very young age, I knew that I was here for a very specific purpose.  I loved science, the workings of the body and all things spiritual and metaphysical.  By the age of 7, I had read 24 volumes of medical encyclopedias.  The spiritual significance of my body and life was my main focus and I avidly starting studying the bible and researching spiritual and scientific teachings.  At the age of 18, I became an ordained minister as well as entered into the field of Midwifery, dedicating my planetary path to healing and liberation of the human soul as well as to being in service to the Divine Feminine.  Only one week before I became an ordained minister, I faced one of the biggest and most terrifying events of my life. 

I will be 53 this year and to share my story here on a public platform used to feel scary for me but now I feel liberated to be sharing with those of you that resonate.  Even though it is vulnerable share, I still choose to open my heart and allow Light to shine in a space that has held my Shadow Body.  I invite you to read the following with an open heart and mind and to feel into the emotion of what you experience by reading the words and then allowing your awareness to feel where it lands in your body.  Breathing love, healing and forgiveness through our collective heart.  This is my prayer for all of us.   

Many of us have experienced trauma in some form and that trauma lives somewhere in our consciousness and rears its head many times when we are not ready for it.   I offer you a perspective, a view into my process and how I have personally overcome my obstacles and challenges around the fear, pain and shame I experienced as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  My story is shared to empower, to heal and to open the lines of the compassionate heart within your own knowing.  The woundings of my childhood have colored every experience in my life.  May your own heart be held and witnessed as you read and contemplate.  

When I was 18, my father committed suicide and his death triggered me into Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  My coping mechanisms focused around my body and negative projections onto those that played significant male roles in my life.  My patterns of self abuse included disordered eating, body focused repetitive behaviors, OCD and suicidal ideation.   My healing started when I began to love and nurture the little girl within, gently tend to her woundings and lift her up into her brilliance.  I went into counseling in my early 20's, but was really ashamed to share the truth of my issues.  The inner spiritual work was the most beneficial for me and with a lot of love, patience and tenderness, I have arrived at a place of self-acceptance. My connection to my body and deep appreciation of being in service to the feminine was initiated with me naturally birthing my sons at home as well as being in service to other women during my two year internship at UCSD Medical Center as a doula. The process of natural birthing is one of my greatest joys, and the entire birthing process of my three sons stirs in my memory as the most amazing experience in my life.  My sexual wounding began to heal when I connected to the sexual and reproductive process to a very sacred place in my body, my Temple.  To recognize the Yoni Temple and my divine form and femininity.  My scars of shame began to heal. This is a sacred work, to come to a place of sovereignty and divine wholeness. I bring this work to you with love and respect for your own journey and precious body of light.

I studied Nurse Midwifery through UCSD Medical Center and completed a two-year internship.  My post-doctorate work is in Clinical Endocannabinoid Medicine through the University of California San Francisco Medical School (UCSF) and I am a member in good standing with The Society of Cannabis Clinicians as both a Researcher and Cannabis Clinician.  Additional accreditations are in Cosmetology, Energy Medicine, Holistic Nutrition & Food Sciences, Metaphysical Sciences and Sacred Sexual Shamanism through the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).   

I have been doing Product Research and Development for the last decade, signing my first million dollar contract in 2017 with a venture capitalist investment company and developing two nutraceutical products for the Medical Cannabis Industry. Currently, I co-own a Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Science and Product Research and Development Company.  I teach and work with other scientists/analytical chemists and product developers to help them to create their own nutraceutical product lines for the Health & Wellness Industry.  I have set up affiliate research labs in five other states in the US, including Hawaii.  Currently, several partners are bringing products to market, including myself.  In 2020, I developed a CBD Nano + Copper Peptides Athletic Lotion for a Hemp Company out of Colorado, to be used by professional athletes.  Currently it is being used by the MMA and other MVP players.   Managing the process of bringing this product to market was one of the most expanding experiences of this last year.  I am getting to work with some of the coolest people on the planet, our investment team, professional MVP athletes as well as my beloved and soon to be husband, Andrew.  

My time spent in permaculture while living on the big island of Hawaii has helped me to understand the jungle environment and how the plants are truly providing a holistic medium for us to tap into for greater understanding of our human bodies.  The jungle is the home to Gaia's pharmacy (Apotheca) where there is a cure for every dis-ease.  I study the Master Plants that are also found in the Amazon such as the banisteriopsis Caapi vine, Chacruna and Mitragyna Speciosa.  Terpenology is the name of the field of medicine and science that I specialize in.  I study the small aromatic hydrocarbon molecules called terpenoids that are found in all plant resins and essential oils.  These molecules found in essential oils open the Limbic system which is a part of our brain that accesses emotions specifically. The compounds I study personally helped me to clear my own trauma patterns by rewiring my neural system.  I have found that the phytochemicals present in cannabis, hemp and the smaller hydrocarbon molecules, remove the roadblocks that can impede optimal function and vitality of the body’s systems.  These compounds activate the Endogenous Cannabinoid System (eCS) of the human body and they bring powerful balance (homeodynamis) to all seven neuro-endocrine systems and all physiological organ systems.

Phytochemicals communicate to our body's receptors to open up dormant pathways.  These neural pathways connect our bodies to our memories, and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) can be healed by clearing the neural pathways with plant medicine.  The science is now showing that new brain tissue and synaptic connections are made with activating our systems with living plant medicines such as hemp, cannabis and other entheogenics such as Ayahuasca.  Brain injuries, addictions, depression and neurological disorders can now be addressed in a holistic way and my personal research is showing improvement on all these fronts.  The phytocompounds found in hemp and cannabis work in conjunction with the NeuroEndocrine System to unlock our body's potentials for total MindBody healing.  When we begin to heal the painful memories that reside in our physical form, we can then open up to the pleasure that our bodies desire and the bliss hormones that our bodies naturally create.

My research has led me to create a holistic body of work and protocol that address the Human Endogenous Cannabinoid System (eCS) that balances the NeuroEndocrine System. 

CB Integrative Therapyand the eCS Intake Protocol is a therapy that utilizes full-spectrum cannabinoid and terpenoid medicinal compounds to address the needs of the Human Endogenous Cannabinoid System (eCS).  The eCS is the master regulating system of the human body with cannabinoid (CB) receptor sites located throughout the body.  It works to bring homeodynamis to all glands, organs and systems and specifically by:

  • regulating immune function 
  • memory 
  • Hippocampal neurogenesis 
  • appetite 
  • energy balance and metabolism  
  •  stress response

Along with the physical aspects of this healing protocol, I also address the 7 energetic blueprints of the human body, this is called the Body of Light Energetic Field.  Within this field, there are seven systems, you can read about them in the previous section.  Every human has a dominant light body system and I offer an intake which will help us to identify your dominant Energetic System.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my bio, it has been a pleasure to introduce myself and share a bit of my story.  I hope to meet you soon.

In Conscious Co-Creation,



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