Sex and the Coming Noogenesis ~ TANTRA

Oct 20, 2020

Greetings Dakini Tribe and Happy Red Planetary Serpent Day ~ Kin 205


As we honor the Life Force within us, we honor the process of Creation and the coming Noogenesis ~ the next stage in our Human Evolution.  The practice of Tantra brings us to a profound place of expansion.  Here is a powerful vow to remind us of our Unity and to reactivate our shared Star Missions.


We who take this vow are the nameless ones

Sent here from afar - on other world systems

The time has come for us to fulfill

The ancient pledge we took to be as one

In the enactment of our sacred duty

One breath are we to become

One life, one sacred bond

In order to lift up this Earth

Into its memory among the stars



Is the name of our assignment

Only by the nameless ones

Can this assignment be completed

One breath, one life, one sacred bond



The vow to be fulfilled ~

We take this vow in meditation

That all beings may be freed

A new world be born

And the Rainbow be...

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Intro to the Chakras

Dec 06, 2019
We learn from yoga that the subtle body is aligned with the spine and there are different centers which are known as chakras. Psychoenergetically, chakras are known as wheels and are often visualized as different lotuses. To activate your chakras you may visualize them as follows:
1. Root—Muladhara—Four-petalled red lotus
This is where your basic life-force is located. All of your most fundamental biological security programs are stored here.
2. Secret—Swadisthan—Six-petalled orange lotus
Here is located the essence of the sexual energy. In the opening to Cosmic History, the energy stored in this chakra can be used to vitalize the different levels of being.
3. Solar Plexus—Manipura—Ten-petalled yellow lotus
This center opens to the Kuxan Suum, the etheric fiber that runs directly to the center of the galaxy and is a vital information receptacle.
4. Heart—Anahata—Twelve-petalled green lotus
Located in this center are the...
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