Sex and the Coming Noogenesis ~ TANTRA

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Greetings Dakini Tribe and Happy Red Planetary Serpent Day ~ Kin 205


As we honor the Life Force within us, we honor the process of Creation and the coming Noogenesis ~ the next stage in our Human Evolution.  The practice of Tantra brings us to a profound place of expansion.  Here is a powerful vow to remind us of our Unity and to reactivate our shared Star Missions.


We who take this vow are the nameless ones

Sent here from afar - on other world systems

The time has come for us to fulfill

The ancient pledge we took to be as one

In the enactment of our sacred duty

One breath are we to become

One life, one sacred bond

In order to lift up this Earth

Into its memory among the stars



Is the name of our assignment

Only by the nameless ones

Can this assignment be completed

One breath, one life, one sacred bond



The vow to be fulfilled ~

We take this vow in meditation

That all beings may be freed

A new world be born

And the Rainbow be the light of consciousness

Guiding us all into the Infinite One


Sex and the Coming Noogenesis

As you approach the next gate, you feel a colossal energy followed by a tingling sensation throughout your entire being. Your body vibrates, your head clears, and your chakras open, dissolving all of the former blockages of the body and psychic centers.  Suddenly you feel a flood of indescribable bliss that pulses and circulates throughout your entire body, electrifying your senses in ripples of elated joy that penetrate every cell of your being. You are awake! You are alive! ~ alive as you have never been ~ This is the power of sex ~ the lifeforce ~ the most essential dynamic by which the universe maintains itself.  All that has existed, exists, or will exist, arises from the union of the masculine and feminine principles. All that which exists, all that which has been formed by the Ancient whose name is holy, can only exist through a male and female.


On the elevation of woman the world’s redemption and salvation hinge.  And not till woman bursts the bonds of her sexual slavery, to which she has ever been subjected, will the world obtain an inkling of what she really is and of her proper place in the economy of nature.

—Eliphas Levi



For initiates and adepts and seekers of truth, sex exists for evolutive purposes or as an evolutionary mechanism. This is the tantric perspective.

Tantra is the internal union between masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energies.

Tantra is also the point of view that experiences the complex of reality as a continuum of distinguishing energies: body, mind and speech (emotive communicative faculty). These three factors represent layers or currents of energy that allow us to participate in and express the phenomenal world at different levels of consciousness. We engage in the phenomenal world with our mind and emotional apparatus as well as with our physical body.  Each level of being engages in energies in various ways—activating, stimulating and arousing.

We also have our external sense organs ~ we live by and through our senses.  Then we have internal sensations such as hunger, thirst, sex, sleep and dreaming. If thirst corresponds to liquid and hunger corresponds to food, then sex corresponds to the invisible physiology of our nervous system. Sexual excitation creates electrical vibrations or tingles in the nervous system.  While the apparatus of sex is through the sex organs, the stimulation is not solely focalized in the sex organs. Erotic zones are located throughout the body, and when touched or stimulated, create sensual feelings that open the chakras or subtle body, attuning it to higher frequencies.

Sex is an all around pan-neural experience.

While touch is the sense most commonly associated with sexual arousal, all the senses play a part. Smells of flowers or different fruits, musky odors, or perfumes can excite the sexual imagination. Different tastes and textures can do the same, just as juicy or succulent textures or sweet flavors can arouse this sexual excitation. Different sounds or music can also create this effect. And then there is the visual element of erotic art or literature as seen in traditions such as the Kama Sutra, but also in Chinese Taoist traditions or esoteric Persian traditions, where there are artistically rendered paintings of people in different sexual positions.  This is to illustrate the power of sexual energy and how it can be aroused through each of the senses. This indicates that sex is more than just a reproductive function, but a potent energy that, when properly transmuted, can create rejuvenation, healing and spiritual development.

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